Facility Technician - El Cajon

Facility Technician — El Cajon

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Title: Facility Technician
Area of Interest: Facilities
Address: 198 West Main Street
City: El Cajon
State: California
ZipCode: 92020
Job Description: TITLE: Facilities Technician DATE: Comp. FLSA: Comp.
DEPARTMENT: Facilities Management GRADE: Comp. JOBCODE: Comp.
REPORTING TO: District Facilities Technician Manager SUBFUNCTION: Comp.
GENERAL SUMMARY: Primary responsibility is to repair and maintain all buildings and equipment in assigned facilities, including operation of all club areas, earning acceptable Audit scores and preventative maintenance on equipment and facility
1. Club and Equipment Maintenance
. Ensures proper operation of all club areas including: Exterior and Entrance areas, Sales Area, Racquetball Courts, Exercise and Cardio Rooms, Weight Rooms, Locker Rooms, Pool, Jacuzzi, Sauna, Baby:sitting Area, Aerobics Room, Employee Break Room, Storage Room and any other areas that are located within 24 Hour Fitness leased space
. Maintenance of (or oversees outside service provider maintenance) pool/spa to ensure proper chemical balances and drains and cleans spas after hours as needed
. Performs monthly fire extinguisher checks
. Works closely with the Service Manager and General Manager to discuss club maintenance needs and repairs, conducts a daily walk:through with the Service Manager, and maintains a Maintenance Log and ensures follow through and communication on these items
. Conducts a daily safety walk:through of the Facility to identify and address any immediate safety concerns. Meets with the District Facilities Technician Manager on a regular basis in the club to do a walkthrough in the club and to receive hands on support, training and direction from the DFTM.
. Conducts a thorough inspection in the facility on a weekly basis to ensure facility and equipment adheres to 24 Hour Fitness standards
. Reviews 24 Hour Fitness General Inspection Audit for assigned club and makes necessary arrangements for repair issues pertaining to safety and maintenance
. Works closely with the DFTM to address issues which arise from the Audit and to meet the Divisions Inspection Score goal
. Works on special projects as directed by the District Facilities Technician Manager.
. Maintains the history file on all equipment.
. Procure repair parts, materials, tools, and equipment.
. Performs monthly OSHA safety checks as required on the OSHA / PM guidelines.
. Has been trained in and follows all OSHA, company and Facilities department safety guidelines on a daily basis.

2. Preventative Maintenance
. Performs preventative maintenance as directed by 24 Hour Fitness Corporate Office and individual manufacturer specifications
. Maintains a log of Preventative Maintenance

3. Other
. Attends Area meetings
. Attends Area training sessions and equipment vendor training sessions as directed by
. Reports any substandard cleanliness issues to the Operations Manager District Facilities Technician Manager.
. Maintains and